The new standard for data import

Flatfile is a ready-to-go data importer for web apps, providing the full user experience necessary to allow users to upload a spreadsheet, field match, and repair issues found during import. With a turnkey javascript API it'll take hours instead of weeks to add (or upgrade) the import functionality your app needs.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hey PH! David from Flatfile here. If you’re a developer, product designer or a startup founder, there’s a good chance you’ve had to build or design a data import feature at least once. Hopefully you never have to do it again! We’ve built a plug-and-play Javascript widget with a column matching and error resolution experience, and a backend dashboard for supporting your customers through import issues. You can basically just drop this into your app, and with a little configuration get 100% valid and structured data instead of messy, weirdly encoded, and difficult to parse CSV and XLS files. Let us know what you think! 🙏 We’d love your feedback and I’m here to answer any questions!
simple solution to a really common problem! congrats @dboskovic @bigcountrycrane
Great to have this as a service. A lot of companies need this functionality.
Congrats on the launch! We've used the product and plan to use it more in the future for both Ad Reform and Userfeed . Super simple and a better experience for our customers. Nothing is worse than having to go back and forth with a client trying to figure out why the CSV import isn't working or matching up in the right cells. This makes it simple to hook into your product so that you can focus on other things. Great job team.
@landonb32 Thanks Landon! We're loving Userfeed over here as well 😃
Congrats on the launch @dboskovic and team! 🎊