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We love to debate the pros and cons of Twitter as much as the next, but that’s not why we’re here.

It’s true, the company has made missteps (RIP Fleets) and entered surprising new territories. Competition also looms from new social giants like TikTok and Discord, the latter of which just fundraised another round at a $15B valuation.

Twitter continues to be an invaluable channel for many in our community and tech at large still. It’s loved as ground zero for burgeoning ideas, a platform for building in public, a knowledge gateway, and a window into Elon Musk’s mind.

That’s why makers invest their time in building products that make your tweets sing. We’re here to share 12 of the most popular from the last few months.

Messer - Drag and drop image resizer
Brandbird - Turn screenshots into good-lookin' posts
Twitter Real-time banner - Update your banner in real time, interactively with your followers - Capture and share Twitter posts as pretty images
Listr - Curated Twitter lists and threads
RevSync - Let readers subscribe to your Substack, MailChimp, Ghost on Twitter
Typefully Pro - Advanced analytics and scheduling
Direcon - Real-time analytics for Twitter Spaces
Display NFT Collection - Need we say more?
Tweet Flick - Save, organize, and find tweets
Dewey - Search, sort, tag, share collections, and export to Notion, etc.

See and follow the latest Twitter product launches here.👇

cmd+k, anywhere

The Product Hunt community had a lot of positive feedback to share for maker Tim Chang on the demo of kbar, a command center you can add to any of your projects.

"Congrats! Wow it really might add a new perspective to SaaS apps. UX people should start consider adding this component to their apps." - Mustafa Ilker Sarac, commentor

AMA with Daniel Vassallo

"I make and sell educational info products, do some contracting (working quarter-time at Gumroad), run a SaaS business... I made $550K+ in revenue since I started working for myself, with over $400K coming from info products."

What do you want to know?

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Daily Digest
Monday through Friday
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