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August 16th, 2021

To Infinity and beyond

Project management is a space in non-stop iteration mode. Every once in a while, a product like Slack or Trello revolutionizes the space. It’s followed by a series of “If X and X had a baby” products that combine and iterate core concepts.

That’s not to downplay the latter. Makers come to the table with fresh product design and development perspectives for incorporating emerging tech and trends.

In project management, those trends currently include spatial note-taking, real-time collaboration, AI, automation, and whiteboarding. A few new noteworthy contenders have launched with a combination of such features.

For engineering teams, there’s Tara AI, a product that’s coming straight for Jira. The company just launched its second version after incorporating feedback from the community last year. With a vision for “a ticketless future,” Tara AI 2.0 includes automatic status updates based on Git events, auto-sprinting, and progress views with live pull-requests and commit statuses.

Clover is a creative workspace that combines notes, whiteboarding, todos, and a daily planner. Clover's spatial and real-time workflows give it brainstorming, diagramming, and collaboration power in addition to task management.

“At the core of Clover is a new type of document called a Surface. It combines the power of a modern text editor with the flexibility of a whiteboard (think Dropbox Paper meets Figjam).” Co-founder Tom Giannattasio shared.

If Clover is a creative workspace, think of Infinity Maps as your knowledge workspace – “if Miro and Notion had a baby.” Infinity Maps is bringing together whiteboarding, diagramming, and real-time collaboration.

Like Clover, Infinity Maps is hoping to tap into your “sense of space” to help bring structure to projects that are complex and scattered, without stifling ideas and creativity. Infinity Maps is in its 1.0 launch phase and Clover just opened its beta — the perfect time to test and share highly impactful feedback with the makers about what you need.

Infinity Maps also has a pretty loveable video, and we love a good launch video.

To Infinity Maps
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