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WhatsApp, Doc?
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WhatsApp, Doc?

“When you’re working with scientific research, sometimes you’re just one conversation away from changing the world.”

Cody Pawlowski is introducing FirstIgnite to the community today, a tool that connects researchers to potential funding and licensing. The startup has connected 20 universities with 500+ companies so far, including projects on bioengineered organs and new drugs.

Bridging communication gaps is one way makers are changing the doctor/patient dynamic, too.

A while back, we wrote about WhatsApp's rise to your eCommerce stack. Cero is a similar concept, applied to healthcare. Started by a former dentist, an AI scientist, and a data scientist, Cero automates touch points like appointment confirmations, exam prep, and beyond in Latin America.

Gradia Health offers a software solution for the same problem in the US, starting with Gastroenterology clinics. Co-founder Rithvik Seela explained that forgetting medical information is detrimental for both patients (who risk complications) and clinics (who hemorrhage money as a result).

Then there’s Zealth, a SaaS that helps hospitals in Southeast Asia with monitoring of cancer patients post-hospital. Founder Dheeraj Mundhra was in part motivated by a personal experience — “We could have saved your aunt if you would have visited us earlier,” a physician told him.

Mundhra gave an example of Zealth in practice: a cancer patient who was saved from potential sepsis after the software flagged the patient's high temperature and vomiting.

Finally, Abridge was hunted not long after a $15M fundraise — the app had hit 50,000 users in October, mainly through word-of-mouth. Abridge records your doctor’s appointments and uses AI to abridge the details of your care, helping you remember and understand doc's advice.

“Just add land”

A team of engineers from SpaceX and Tesla created these high-quality, futuristic-looking units for living off the grid.

Jupes arrive move-in ready. They’re also available in bulk quantities. Team off-site?

Cat nips
  • No-code tool Dorik 2.0 is here with a host of new features.
  • Perfkecto is the new Imperfect Produce of LatAm (starting with Mexico City).
  • Pond is helping nonprofits find & fund their tech stack.
  • BlackOakTV is hoping to be "THE place with the most and best black content while putting an end to today's underrepresentation of black people in media."
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