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July 8th, 2021

To the moon 🚀

Big, quiet Zoom classrooms are so 2020.

That’s an exaggeration but LearnTech really is evolving fast. Like MarTech or FinTech, LearnTech is a purposefully broad term so there’s a lot to look at.

One trend we’re seeing is personalization. Large class sizes have always been a topic of debate, remote and in-person. They are a strain on teachers, and one-size-fits-all doesn't work when it comes to learning. is approaching extracurricular learning with smaller cohorts. The company launched today with 1:4 live and online extracurricular classes for children.

Growic recently introduced its Customized Learning Platform, where maker Alina Bushlyakova explained the company’s personalized approach — “Growic is a completely new approach to education, where each student can learn exactly what they want, when they want and how they want.”

In LatAm, Filadd is helping students prepare for their entrance exams with 24/7 access to teachers. “We give a personalized experience… by partnering (sharing revenue) with experienced teachers and making them owners of the course, thus generating a high grade of commitment with the contents,” CEO Joaquín Olmedo explained.

Startups are also taking their shot on alternative learning from unconventional teachers. Previously mentioned SparkStudio’s extracurricular courses have curriculum designed by experts/artists. Gura allows anyone to be the teacher. It’s an all-in-one platform for running a live e-learning business. Whether you’re an expert in cryptocurrency or personal development, you can set up a course in minutes.

Learners is leveraging shared knowledge as well with its community of mentors, and today’s launch of Greenwork introduces free online courses for job seekers interested in clean energy positions.

All of these are only launches are just from the past month, and we haven’t even gotten to workspaces yet, like mmhmm (with its recent $100M raise) and Lessonspace, so we’ll leave you with those links.

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Don’t miss the launch of Epsilon3 today, the OS for spacecraft and complex operations.

The startup was founded by an impressive team that includes serial entrepreneurs, former Googlers, and Laura Crabtree, a former senior missions operations engineer at SpaceX.

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