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July 4th, 2021

The best from 2021 so far

It’s been quite a year already.

For many of us, it didn’t pan out as expected. In tech, the silver linings were found in unicorn herds, phoenixes rising from the ashes, and pandemic-made underdogs.

It seemed like every other day, we were talking about a new industry or space that's experiencing unprecedented growth from a new way of living, from EdTech to alts and NFTs.

H2 has already started off with a bang, but before we get too much deeper, we’re recapping the standout top launches from H1.

Contra - A new professional network for flexible work

“I've only been part of this community for about a week and... already I've gathered feedback on my work from professionals, gained access to book, video, and course resources relating to my field, helped people out with their queries, and so much more!” - Aishwarya Agrawal - Turn your code into beautiful images

“This is awesome! Wish it existed when I was building [my company], as we shared lots of code snippets on social and elsewhere. I love how simple and curated it is with the color schemes.” - Danny Halarewich

Audiblogs - Listen to any web article in your podcast player

“[A]bsolutely amazing! If you're anything like me and have a chrome window with a thousand tabs of articles that you'll definitely, absolutely, 100% find the time to read (lol), you need this.” - Nader Khalil

Persona - Identify verification for any use case

“10 lines of code for an entirely customizable identity verification system?? That's a game-changer. Count me in.”- Jake Disraeli

Open VC - Browse 2,200+ funds by investment criteria

"Love this! Such a useful tool for entrepreneurs working on researching their target investors." - Stephanie Rich

Try Contra

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