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June 22nd, 2021

Great question

Steve Jobs famously said, “People don't know what they want until you show it to them.”

It’s normal to try emulating those we admire, but many product makers know to take this one with a Himalayan lamp-size grain of salt. Customer research creates better products. The problem is, the process is usually ad hoc and time-intensive. In turn, makers rely on assumptions and can’t iterate fast enough.

We’ve seen a number of new products tackling customer research, including today’s launch of Great Question which combines the full process into one place. This early adopter sums it up well:

“Very excited to replace 3 apps, 2 airtable bases, a few zaps and a whole lot of headache for managing research!” - Darren Chait

With Great Question you can recruit participants with landing pages, manage and conduct research, and easily share with your team, leveraging interview transcriptions and tags.

A common goal we see among products in this space is to help makers integrate customer research into every new release. In that spirit, here are eight more new tools to help you get there.

User Hero - Store, parse, and analyze your data better with this research repository

UserLeap - Run targeted micro-surveys, powered by AI

Maze Templates - Leverage 50+ pre-built user tests and surveys

Surveys by HockeyStack - Create rich, targeted surveys including NPS and exit-intent forms

BlockSurvey 2.0 - Survey securely with a blockchain-powered alternative to Google Forms, etc.

Akin - Replace assumption-based personas with data-driven segments powered by AI

FeedbackLink - Direct happy customers to share and survey the rest

Viable - Sort, tag, and find insights in your helpdesk and survey feedback with GPT-3

Get answers

All that time spent scrolling for Twitter gold and much of it goes back into the depths of the Twitterverse.

Tweetflick is here to help you get the most out of Twitter. Save and organize your favorite nuggets. Tag and categorize the ones that made you question everything you ever knew from the ones that served three laugh-cry emojis.

Go for the gold
Why you’re approaching your habits all wrong — a look at Justin Kan's latest app
Justin Kan, Omar Jalalzada, and team have just launched Kin, a social habit tracking app. Here’s why their approach to Kin is based on community, tiny changes, and self-acceptance.
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Think of the last time you imported a spreadsheet. Did it work the first time? 🙄

Chances are, you and your customers have struggled with formatting data in Excel, mapping CSV headers, or correcting invalid fields.

This process of importing B2B data is known as data onboarding. And it's been isolated from innovation.

Flatfile, the data onboarding platform, intuitively makes sense of the jumbled data your users import, and transforms it into the format you rely on.

No touchy CSV templates. No building a clunky data importer. No expensive implementation teams hired to migrate data.


Stat: ~52k new units were added to Airbnb and Vrbo in April, 10% lower than usual. Both companies are looking for hosts. If you’re thinking about it, check out Turnify and Rent the Backyard.

Alternative: Brave launched Brave Search into beta yesterday — a search engine that doesn’t track you or your queries. According to Brave, it’s “the first all-in-one browser / search alternative to the big tech platforms.”

Q: “Working at a startup can be extremely difficult and can take a toll mentally and physically. What should you do to not get burned out?”

A: “Developing some sort of ritual is key to bringing you some peace. If there’s no framework for you to hang on to, the energy of your environment is going to consistently pull you around. There’s a general tendency to believe “This person meditated or is working out, so if I meditated I will feel happier." BJ Fogg has a pretty good framework to identify your own aspirations. An example: You might be really into a particular sport or your kids. Spending 10 minutes with those might be a lot more beneficial to your mental well-being and physical well-being.” - Omar Jalazada, cofounder of Kin

Thanks to our community, Justin Kan, and Omar Jalalzada for participating in yesterday’s Twitter Spaces about healthy habits and the launch of Kin.