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June 17th, 2021

A/B Test Email #1

Hugs to that HBO internwe’ve been there.

On to our regular programming: As we told you yesterday, Spotify officially launched Greenroom this week, its audio room feature. The big tech fight for audio champion of the internet has people placing proverbial bets on their favorite fighter.

We’re experienced enough to know #winning doesn’t always mean getting there first, and that there’s room at the table for makers that find a way to differentiate themselves.

People aren’t over audio. It’s true — audio got a big boost from social distancing (Forbes reported that 60% of audio listening is done at home). Still, audio adoption is increasing. In 2020, an estimated 100 million people listened to a podcast each month, and the number is expected to increase to 125 million in 2022.

We’re cheering on these ten podcasting and social audio platforms, each offering a unique value to listeners.

Castyr - If TikTok and Goodreads had a podcast baby

Bang - Erotic audio story app for sexual wellbeing

Primer Rooms - Interactive audio experiences for kids

Quest - Soundbites with career advice from hands-on experts

Beams - Social podcasting for topics up to 90 seconds

Craphouse - Audio space for debating, brainstorming and any other crap

Reason - Listen to podcasts with friends and discuss topics with each other

Alpe Audio - Audio courses to master new topics on the go

Listenable - Bite-sized courses by well-loved experts

Audiotorium - Hyper local live audio performances

For those of you hungry for face-to-face time, put your headphones down and go enjoy waffles with a stranger.

Get breakfast

Last month, our friends at Grain launched Grain 2.0 — a big update that added features like real-time clipping and story creation for dragging & dropping clips together on the fly.

We’ve been excited to experiment with Grain ourselves and reflect on what this means for creators of all types. Zoom content is no longer buried or gone forever at the click of an “end meeting” button. It’s at the tip of your fingers.

Read more about making content accessible.

Beating Zoom Gloom: How Grain is helping teams make meeting content accessible
Grain is the video tool thousands of Zoom users already use to increase the value of meetings. With Grain’s new real-time clip & share features, content is about to go through its next transformation.
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Think of the last time you imported a spreadsheet. Did it work the first time? 🙄

Chances are, you and your customers have struggled with formatting data in Excel, mapping CSV headers, or correcting invalid fields.

Flatfile, the data onboarding platform, intuitively makes sense of the jumbled data and transforms it into the format you rely on. No touchy CSV templates. No building a clunky data importer. No expensive implementation teams hired to migrate data.

Never import messy spreadsheets again.


Congrats to our Maker Grant recipients! These makers were chosen as a result of their innovation and dedication shown through their product launches in May. We're thrilled to honor:

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