Which one wins the social audio space?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Laurent Pellegrino
I feel so old: I never used one of them.
Daniel Tuttle
@ouaibou I feel ya. I'm not even sure why they're a thing.
Just tried out Spotify Greenroom and it's super clean. The ability to record conversations & have a chat function is great. I think eventually Twitter Spaces is going to be more spontaneous convos and Greenroom will be more scheduled and "radio-esk".
Oguz Gelal
Dogehouse.tv... 😭
I'd love to see Spotify win. But I think Twitter has a better chance just because it already houses a majority of online relationships. Although I could see Spotify trying to upend them by creating high quality rooms with Artists. And if we ever completely eliminate internet speed latency, Spotify could have artists jam with each other live. That would be awesome.
Prashant Tribhuvan
You should also checkout fireside
Allen Parris
I've only tried Clubhouse, and "meh" is where I am so far. I'll add here that my son and all his friends have been on Discord voice chat forever. I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon.
Hesam Tavakoli
Why there is not any option about Discord Stages:(
rinas πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
Please add Telegram Voice Chat 😁
Halder Mahua Atanu
Feeling so old, I never used one of them.
rakibul hasan
I've just attempted Clubhouse, and "meh" is the place where I am up until now. I'll add here that my child and every one of his companions have been on Discord voice visit until the end of time. I don't believe they're going anyplace at any point in the near future.
Grisel Dugarte
I feel they all attract so different targets. I see Twitter & Spotify leaders in long term.
Sadia Afrin
Telegram voice chat
Jolly Rain
But I have not tried it yet..
Surprised Discord isn't in the poll
Mudit Thareja
I am waiting for Twitch, YouTube, Snapchat to come into this space also. I have tried clubhouse, Twitter spaces, discord. I like that on clubhouse you have to invite, but Twitter spaces is very good also. I use telegram but never tried their social audio thing
Daniel Akan
For now Twitter is in first place cause of how it already had an existing community, is open to all and has more features like reactions and sharing tweets which helps in keeping the drop in audio sessions lively. I love Clubhouse but Twitter spaces just does it for me.
Salman S. Sabil
Yes, 100% telegram.