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A new, customer-led buying model
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A new, customer-led buying model

This writer loves a great salesperson (literally married to one.)

Still, the message in the TestBox launch video rings true. Trying new software, vetting it, and getting your team on the same page can turn into a full-time job. While the tools and techniques around enterprise sales evolve regularly, the process itself has changed little in comparison, especially for the customer.

The makers of TestBox introduced their customer-led buying experience to the Product Hunt community yesterday. Frustrated with their experiences around sales pitches, demo trials, and long wait times, they sought to innovate the buying process.

“TestBox gives buyers a true side-by-side experience of each product so buyers can test if each solution will truly work for their team. It’s also super easy for buyers to track their feedback on each product and collaborate with their teams to ensure that they make the right decision the first time.” Sam Senior

So far, the Product Hunt community is eager to see a new buying model.

“This is epic - I HATE the enterprise sales process from a buyer's perspective and I'm keen to see this problem fixed.” - Rami Kalai

TestBox is launching with mostly Customer Support software available to test, including Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Hubspot. The makers are working to expand verticals and vendors.

Peter, a TestBox cofounder, gave some insight into some of the challenges and obstacles the team is tackling, from securely embedding products into the platform to building environments that serve each user as they try the software.

“Over the coming months, you’ll see us build out our TestBox for Sales, TestBox Insights, and move into more and more verticals.”

If you have any suggestions for the TestBox team, don’t forget to share.

Ghost Knowledge

Speaking of new models, Sari Azout launched Ghost Knowledge today with a new way of surfacing knowledge from people who don’t normally publish.

  1. You suggest ideas for essays you'd want to read from authors that don't normally publish
  2. You pledge $ to support the suggestions you like.
  3. Ghost Knowledge collects payment and coordinate with authors to make the magic happen ✨

Azout explained the reasoning: “The majority of business writing that exists on the Internet comes from people in the business of commenting, complaining, and hot takes. NOT from people in the business of making, creating, or fixing things.”

Call for submissions

It’s time to enter your products into Makers Festival - Green Tech edition! You'll need to submit them here by 11:59p.m. PST on Friday, June 18 to head into the next round of voting.

Got questions? Shout them out.

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