Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 14th, 2021

When Bitcoin drops 2% then...

Another crypto trading platform? Why not!

Today Coinrule launched to the Product Hunt community with its own unique selling proposition focused on helping new and hobbyist traders invest in crypto with automation tools — emphasis: no bots.

“We built Coinrule because the world of finance is changing and most markets are managed by bots and run by investment banks. That brings inequality, hobbyist traders have few tools to compete and not much access to good investment opportunities.” - Gabriele Musella, maker

With Coinrule, users automate their trading by setting up a system of rules. Bitcoin down 2%? Maybe you’ll want to create a rule to buy Ethereum with specific conditions set on volume, price, or market cap.

Early adopters have taken to Coinrule’s design-first approach and lack of jargon.

“Power to the people, automated trading designed to fit into your pocket. This is a fantastic venture debunking the idea that you have to be big to win. The truth is you have to be smart to win.” - Steven Hess

“What I like most in this product is how easy it is to setup a rule, test it in a demo account and take it live” - Tiago Santos

Coinrule has launched with integrations to over ten of the most popular exchanges including Binance and Coinbase. Commenters asked about competitors that use two increasingly popular strategies for trading – bots and copy-trading.

The former is generally what Coinrule is steering away from.

“We believe that normal people are able to build automations without needing 'black box' bots running for them.”

In regards to copy-trading, the makers of Coinrule explained to a few interested traders that a feature is in the works. Copy-trading and social trading have been made popular at different scales by platforms like eToro and Public. While social trading often takes the form of sharing or chating about other people’s investments, copy-trading can enable investors to simply duplicate the trading actions of popular investors, or their friends, with the click of a button.

Which strategies work best for traders depends on their level of experience, risk tolerance, and how much time they want to spend on trading. If you tend to be swayed by "buy the dip" tweets, it might be a good time to...

set some rules

“Until now only our enterprise customers had access to self-hosted Retool. Today we are excited to launch a self-hosted Retool option to all users. Now even a 1-person startup can self-host Retool without talking to anyone.”

The launch of self-hosted Retool may be especially interesting to makers in industries who are highly regulated or have highly sensitive data. Let Retool know what you think of the new launch.

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Quote: "My model for validation is: (in the decreasing order of importance):

  1. Are people paying for this?
  2. Are people not paying yet but raving about this to friends/on Twitter?
  3. Do people I trust and part of my mastermind group believe this is an interesting idea?
  4. Do I have enough curiosity to pursue this?"

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Name: G Suite has been renamed Google Workspace (originally Google Apps). Google announced that Google Workspace is now open to everyone, making its suite of productivity tools open to users with standard Google accounts.

Stat: 48%. The percentage of independent workers surveyed by Contra who work 30-40/hours per week. Check out the full State of Independent 2021 report.

Lesson:"Stop over-engineering everything” - Dagobert Renouf, community member. What lesson have you learned recently? Show & Tell.