A voice controlled camera that brings your words to life 🐼

#4 Product of the DayJune 07, 2018

Panda is a voice activated camera that brings your conversations to life with AR effects. Just start talking and watch what appears. ✨

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So incredibly pumped for this. Been lucky enough to watch @DanielSinger & the rest of the Panda crew build the next generation of digital communication. Panda is like FaceTime, but the effects appear magically based on what you're talking about. The powerful AI-engine understands context and jokes to make the perfect filter arrive instantly. Try to find them all 🤗
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It's LIVE! Congrats, @danielsinger and team. Curious to hear your thoughts on the future of digital communication, broadly speaking. Animojis and now Memojis are hitting iPhones. I'm curious if this shifts more of our communication to become more avatar based.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I think avatars are part of the equation and something we've thought deeply about. I think for avatars to be truly useful they need to go above and beyond being a mask. Not quite sure what apple released or what's in the market now really gets close to what I think we need to have for daily communication. They need to help you tell stories in fundamentally new ways. We'll have more announcements on that space later this summer 😉
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Thanks @nickabouzeid for hunting this!!! Hello Product Hunt 🐼 We’re SO excited to finally share Panda with all of you today! For over a year, we’ve been working on a powerful voice controlled camera that brings your conversations and ideas to life. With Panda, we wanted to develop an entirely new visual tool where you can both create and communicate with your voice. Many products document what happens in the world around us, but they ignore the beautiful worlds that exist in our imaginations. Panda makes those ideas real using augmented reality and the power of voice. Want to become a dinosaur? Just say “Dinosaur.” It’s as simple as that! We can’t wait to hear your feedback and to see what you create! Thank you so much -Daniel
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I have become a Panda Creator™
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Not for Android 😲
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