Product Hunt Daily Digest
May 25th, 2021

Stripe’s first no-code product: Payment Links
Today’s Daily Digest was crafted in collaboration and sponsored by our friends at Stripe.

There’s no time to lose when you’re selling a product. You’ve got seconds and a few precious clicks.

Yesterday, Stripe announced a brand-new product to capture that moment. Stripe built Payment Links to make selling products super simple—create a link, share it, and get paid.

It’s Stripe’s first no-code focused product. Nearly 100 no-code products were featured on Product Hunt in the past year — the team at Stripe could see that the no-code movement isn’t slowing down. Even many developers love no-code, especially when it saves them from tedious, repetitive work.

With Stripe Payment Links, you don’t have to code your own payment page or do any coding at all. Sellers create a link with the Stripe Dashboard and add any product or service that they’d like to sell (even a subscription). Then they can customize a Checkout page with a logo and colors and generate a URL. That one-stop shop that can be tweeted or shared with customers. (Or, if you so choose, you can embed the link on your site or basically anywhere.)

It seemed to hit the right spot for many in the Product Hunt community:

"This is absolutely brilliant. I can definitely see myself using this for so many projects. Congrats to the team for the awesome launch!" - Hassan

"That’s innovation" - Mohamed Mess

"I haven't tested but this is exactly what Stripe users want, a zero code solution to receive payments." - Joaquim Ley

Stripe’s annual conference, Stripe Sessions, is in three weeks—and you can probably count on them talking about Payment Links, no-code, and more new products then.

While you wait, you can demo Stripe Payment Links in this tweet. Or click below to get selling.
Check out Stripe Payment Links
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