Product Hunt Weekly Digest
May 9th, 2021

Conversation starters
A new app launched that's designed for ephemeral, one-to-one, anonymous conversation. Remember those? This commenter does:

“It's like when you rode on the train with a complete stranger before the internet.. You were more willing to share intimate information and discuss topics… This app is like a digital version of this conversation.” - Mark Khramko

Postmodern. works by enabling timed conversations between strangers that last from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the prompt you choose to discuss. Prompts are topics of conversation, which seem to have a nice balance of being relatable yet broad. For example, “I don’t want my job to define me, but I’m not sure what should.”

Postmodern.’s maker Nathanial explained his motivation for the app:

“It’s critical that we have the ability to intellectually explore without fear of social ramifications… Just two brains bouncing off of each other exploring the void.”

In a way, Postmodern. is the flipside of the dating apps we covered last month which use prompts to help you make lasting connections. Don’t expect anything permanent from Postmodern. — you won’t be able to return your conversations once they’re over (we suppose there’s always Craigslist missed connections).

Even those who don’t consider themselves to be social may find something for them in Postmodern.’s completely anonymous framework. After more than a year of separation, many of us are getting chatty and have been reminded of the value of human connection.

Here are 7 more products that make for good conversation.

Historico - Daily historical events in an iPhone widget

mindf***- Bad Unicorn brings us Headspace with profanity

Fish Swami - Put your epic catch on record to show your friends

Cappuccino - Record audio "beans" with friends; listen tomorrow

Read This Twice - What’s on Elon Musk's reading list? Find out.

Humit - If reddit and Spotify had a baby
strike up a chat
When the pandemic hit, students had their plans and dreams crushed by canceled internships.

Kingsong Chen and his cofounders moved quickly to connect skilled students with fast-growing tech companies that needed interns quick. He shared his Maker Story with us, including how's launch gained the startup one of its biggest customers yet.
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