A daily personal audio show featuring your friends

RECORD A BEAN: tap the microphone and start recording. Talk about your day, tell a joke or share a thought and send it to your close friends and family.
LISTEN TO YOUR CAPPUCCINO: (mix of your friends’ beans) every morning at 8 am.
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Hi product lovers, thanks, @chrismessina for the hunting us and @rrhoover for being one of our early testers. It was a great surprise to see Cappuccino on PH on this Sunday morning, even though quite unexpected Our goal with Cappuccino is to provide an amazing way to start the day with a daily show created from the voice messages of your friends. Currently, we are focusing on offering this experience to small groups of close friends and family. We might extend to other use cases in the future. Feel free to share your feedback and contact us for any questions/comments you might have.
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@chrismessina @rrhoover @odesmoulin Onboarding asks for a group invite code for android - there's no way to skip over it?
@chrismessina @rrhoover @odesmoulin @shavin47 Hey Shavin, you can't create a group yet on Android, only join an existing one. We're still very early, and built a stripped down version for Android so no one would be excluded from a close friends or family group. If you have a friend on iOS who can create a group and invite you, that would work!
@chrismessina @rrhoover @odesmoulin @gillespoupardin Ok I understand, I'll have a friend set it up thanks!
@chrismessina @rrhoover @odesmoulin @shavin47 how to receive an invitation from a friend if it's me who is setting up the group :(
Love this — like Audio Twitter, but for close friends!
@chrismessina I love the idea. I think it's more like Audio Instagram
@alexandru_enc interesting distinction. LOL. Maybe depends on which parts of those services we each use most often?
@chrismessina @alexandru_enc or a an Audio WhatsApp ? 😅
I've enjoyed following this one (and generally, any creative approaches to social audio/voice).
@rrhoover what else are you recommend to look at social audio/voice space?
@rrhoover @fudzi_keika also, I created a collection that follows the new products in social audio & podcasting and will continue to build on this.
@rrhoover @fudzi_keika @jall_n Thanks for including Cappuccino, John!
I'm fortunate to have been using this product since day 1 and found it to be such a breakthrough for keeping in touch with my closest friends (all from outside the tech world!), especially as we all live in different cities around the world. It quickly becomes part of your daily routine (and low key therapeutic) to take 2 mins out of your day to reflect on what you've been up to/how you're feeling/any challenges you're facing/or just to summarize the news in your life, and frictionlessly record those thoughts to share with your friends. The following morning, it became such a joy to play my cappuccino as I'm getting ready for the day ahead, and have my morning filled with the voices and stories of my closest friends. 🥰☕️
@sararahmcb Thanks so much for sharing your experience on Cappuccino. We're currently working on one of the ideas/feedback you shared with Gilles (#prompts 🤗 )
I've been using Cappuccino and I really enjoy the unique way the app connects you with your friends. It's almost like a mini-podcast consisting of snippets / slice of life insights from friends.