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Keep this private
Your personal data, that is. It's precious.

Despite the implementation of GDPR in 2018 and new US privacy regulations since, Pew Research from 2019 shows 81% of Americans feel they have very little/no control of the data collected from companies.

Rita launched to the community yesterday and wants to make it easier for everyone, including non-technical people, to get their data back. The app collects your data from platforms (right now Google and Facebook), shows you how it’s used, and helps you request its removal or manage ads you don’t want to see.

Rita made a great first impression on launch day.

“Just tested the App… The “manage ads'' feature is incredible!!! ...This changes everything! 🙏🙏🙏" - Emile Brussels

“Nice and smooth UI, I was shocked about the high number of companies my data is shared with🤭.” - Luca Campo

There are other fast-growing products already in this space. Mine, a 2020 Golden Kitty Winner, lets you discover your digital footprint and remove data from services you no longer use. Jumbo, another privacy assistant, launched an update last year adding data breach monitoring and an ad tracker blocker from following your steps online.

If you’re already using one of these privacy assistants, maker John Arts explained where Rita comes in:

“The difference simplified: Jumbo restricts ongoing tracking. Rita does that + restricting: companies and data that was collected in the past.”

While privacy advocates may implore you to seek out alternatives to certain platforms altogether, companies like Rita and Jumbo play a role in helping the public partake in big tech activity without compromising personal power.
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Nate is a universal shopping app powered by RPA (robotic process automation). See how it works.