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We believe privacy is a fundamental right.
Our mission is to build tools that make exercising that right easily accessible for everyone.
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I'm really proud to share the latest privacy tools our team has built. When we launched Jumbo last year, we had a goal of making it as simple and accessible as possible to exercise your right to privacy. We have made significant progress on that front, and Jumbo 2 is now available on iOS and Android. https://download.jumboprivacy.com/ With Jumbo, you can scan and protect yourself across major sites and apps that pose large risks to your privacy and security, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, and more. Instead of finding the 20+ separate, sensitive privacy settings on some of these sites on your own, Jumbo will quickly find the ones that are a risk to you personally, and allow you to fix them with one button. We are also excited to show you new ways to control your security and protect your privacy built into Jumbo 2. Jumbo 2 has advanced features like a powerful Tracker Blocker, that will prevent over 400 of the largest ad trackers from tracing your steps online as you browse on your device. You'll be informed of just how many trackers have attempted to follow you. Our new Data Breach scan feature allows Jumbo to monitor the dark web for customers' financial and ID data like credit cards, Social Security number, or passport breaches. You can now protect yourself on more apps : Amazon, Instagram, and LinkedIn are now part of our offerings, in addition to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. We are going to be adding more soon and would love to hear which ones in particular you would appreciate. We believe all these features can help provide some privacy peace-of-mind for our customers. Thanks for supporting our mission and helping us build a sustainable business. We would love to get your feedback, you can reach the whole team at support@jumboprivacy.com. Read or share our wider announcement here. https://blog.jumboprivacy.com/ju... Thank you!
@jumboprivacy @pierrevalade Everyone's data should be protected by Jumbo, just like health insurance. Congrats!
Simple and powerful privacy product!
I've been using Jumbo since the "very" beginning and I can't stop recommending it to my friends. The amount of personal info I was sharing was just overwhelming. Now, with Jumbo, having the ability to control what I want to share is now just a tap away; no more hidden pages ✌ Thanks, Jumbo 🤗
Congrats to this amazing tech & product team... and thanks for tackling this key mission!
@alexisbonillo Thank you for saying that! We are really proud of this release and very excited to share it with the world :)
I've been using this in beta and I really like how the app has been developing, particularly the dark web scanning, which is really handy.
@martinsfp Thank you for being a part of our Beta team!