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Announcing Product Hunt Maker Grants
Each month we are blown away by the creativity of the Product Hunt community. Hundreds of products are launched on Product Hunt every week, from the clever, to the useful, to the downright zany. It’s our privilege and joy to play a part in each Maker's journey and each new product discovery.

We know that building products can be expensive work, and passion doesn’t always pay the bills. As a way of saying thank you to the community, and to encourage makers to keep building, this year we’re offering cash gifts of $5,000 to three makers each month.

You might be asking: how are the Maker Grant winners selected? We’re reviewing makers who launched in the previous month who we believe are shining examples of innovation, grit, and engagement with the PH community. We’ll also be prioritizing those who are bootstrapping their businesses or working on their side projects without the help of venture funding.

This is just the beginning. We’ll be building the Maker Grants program out further with community feedback over the course of the year, including exclusive benefits just for grant recipients.

Please tell us your thoughts or even nominate a Maker who inspires you for February's grant.
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