You have skills that others want to learn. We empower you to make the biggest impact you can for a cause of your choice. Donate to join a class or host your own 100% proceeds go towards charity. Help us make the world a better place, one class at a time :)
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Not all of us can contribute donations and not all of us can walk in the protests. But all of us can feel injustice. And instead of ranting about injustice, each of us can make a difference. Fact: You have skills that others want to learn. We built CampaignWith to empower you to make the biggest impact that you can for a nonprofit of your choice. As a Campaign Host, you teach a class in any field you are passionate about for a cause you are passionate about. Think of it as donating your time for impact — so that you can use your resources to make the most effective impact you can for those you love. Teach a class, take a class, share a class. We can all take action and make a real impact -- today. It’s time to disrupt the non-profit market. CampaignWith is here to rally the people, channel the power of social sharing and convert that into tangible value for movements that will shape our immediate future. Donate your time. Campaign for your cause.
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@jessica_ma what an incredible company. I'm excited for my class this weekend with @agrim_singh and am trying to think of a class to host. This sector needs innovation and more heart and creativity vs. hamstrung processes 🙌 thank you for building this.
@agrim_singh @erinfrey Thank you for your support Erin! We believe that fundraising for charity causes should be fun, social, and sexy. Let's bring more heart to the game :)
Hi! We're really excited to launch CampaignWith. CampaignWith allows you to teach or take online classes to fundraise for causes you care about. 100% proceeds are donated. We have everything from fitness classes taught by trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp to bartending classes taught by our queer community to tech talks supporting furthering equal opportunity. When I saw the protests erupting, I realized I couldn’t stand and do nothing. At first, I donated money. Then I donated my time. We believe that everyone has something valuable they can teach others. And we believe that everyone is a good person who cares about something bigger than themselves, whether it is social justice, the refugee crisis, climate change, food insecurity, animal welfare… to name just a few. As a Campaign Host, you give your time to teach a class in any field you feel passionate about. Patron Angels donate money to take your class and reach your campaign goal. We provide you the platform and tools to easily build a following and a brand that allows you to share unique knowledge with the world. We’ll also take care of transparently working with the nonprofits—in your name and with all relevant receipts provided! Join our mission to create a more connected, educated, and generous world. You can help us make the world a better place, one class at a time. Donate your time. Campaign for your cause.
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Lucy and team really stepped up, they pulled this together in like a week and it's been really impressive seeing the traction, thousands of dollars already donated to a great cause. 👏
@nickabouzeid Thanks so much Nick! I've literally gained 10 lbs building this because I haven't worked out at all
@nickabouzeid @lucy_guo all for the greater good!
@nickabouzeid Thanks Nick for your patience as we knocked out new features in the past few days. It really made a difference :)
Appreciate you guys taking time to build such a platform. It’s very impactful and will help lots of people. I’m pretty sure I signed up for a class on CampaignWith 🙏🏾 Teaching + Helping Great Causes = Better World.
@anish_punjabi Thank you! We're hoping it does. Glad to hear you found a class to attend - hopefully you'll consider taking more or teaching one in the future :) Thanks for helping make the world a better place.
congrats lucy! love this. i know a few people who would be interested in hosting a class!
@nparasram Thanks so much! Would love to be put in touch. They can either sign up then shoot me an email ( and I'll customize their page or just shoot me an email direct. Feel free to intro over text too!!
@nparasram see you in my whisk(e)y class nick 😋
@nparasram @agrim_singh Omg yesss party