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May 9th, 2018

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The Turing Test has long stood as a benchmark of the future. Coined by computer scientist Alan Turing in the 50s, it describes the point at wthich artificially-intelligent computers exhibit behavior that’s indistinguishable from a human's.

Tuesday’s Google I/O 2018 gave us a glimpse into that future.

Google Duplex is the future of AI. It can imitate a human to book restaurant reservations or schedule a haircut. The demo is insane.

"My jaw is on the floor." –
Parthi Loganathan

It merges deep-learning, speech-to-text, and natural language processing so you will never have to pick up the phone again.

Sundar and team didn't stop there. Google also officially announced a tool that can predict your
age, heart disease risk, BMI, and blood pressure... all from an eye scan. The tech will be deployed worldwide so patients can get the treatment they need, no doctor required.

Google also launched a new machine learning kit for developers, a suite of tools to kill your phone addiction, and best of all, autocorrect for complete sentences, built directly into Gmail.


This isn't the only tool that attempts to finish your sentences for you. EasyEmail (YC '18) just launched last month, and Front enables your entire team to collaborate on emails together.
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AI builders: There's a new security standard in town and you'll need to find out what it is, if you need it, and how it works.

ISO 42001 was introduced by the International Standards Organization so that companies can demonstrate their security practices around AI in a verifiable way.

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