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November 1st, 2020

A complete PC in a keyboard 🤯

Today, Raspberry Pi launched Raspberry Pi 400, a portable keyboard with a complete built-in computer.

This fancy but ultra-powerful keyboard comes with a mouse, power supply, micro HDMI to HDMI cable, and SD card preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS - although, if you’re already a user of Raspberry Pi you can purchase the keyboard as a standalone unit.

The product has an impressive list of features for a keyboard (4GB of RAM anyone?), but most impressive is its low cost and portability for those on the go or those learning programming.

In the past few months, we’ve seen other cool keyboards that can power-up your fingers. 🆙

Lumi Keys is a portable illuminated keyboard that can help you learn music, where Keychron K3 is a wireless mechanical keyboard with the world’s first hot-swappable low profile Optical switches. With people working from home, the option to invest in a deluxe keyboard is quite tempting.

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