Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 14th, 2020

Productivity to the MAX

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Setting up any team to work productively can be a challenge, whether WFH is a relatively new gig or you’ve been remote for a while (let’s face it, it can even be a struggle for those back in the office).

We’re talking about mismanaged project boards, complicated workflows, and countless sync meetings.’s Virtual Work OS (Operating System) launched on Product Hunt to some promising feedback from the community earlier in the year:

“Monday was a lifesaver during our relaunch last week.” – Nick

“Monday is my favorite project management tool. I used it to help build my own SaaS tool” – John

The platform now comes with:

💨 Easy onboarding and fast adoption
1️⃣ Workspace for projects, workflows, and everyday work
🌍 Teams of all sizes from any industry worldwide
⚙️ Completely customizable to fit your team’s needs
🛠️ 100’s of useful features: automations, integrations, dashboards & more
💻 📱 Multi-device functionality
🌐 Supports 10+ different languages

The recent update includes full-blown solutions for four of its core teams: Sales & customer-success, marketing, construction and software development.

Boasting a well-known client book including Coca-Cola, Universal, Adobe, Hulu, and more than 100,000 others, aims to help teams work productively together during this WFH era.

To see how can help refresh your work flows, get started here (there’s a 14-day free trial). 🎉


New look, who dis?

Loom has launched a new version of their product featuring five new changes including a new design, screenshots, and other cool features.

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