Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 20th, 2018

Have you backed up recently? 💻☠️
One day, you will spill water on your laptop. It will be very sad, and all of your documents, photos, and cat GIFs will be lost forever.

Luckily, we can plan ahead for your laptop's premature death.

We've teamed up with our friends at StackSocial to get you premium lifetime access to 2 terabytes of secure cloud storage. It's split up evenly between on-demand storage for instant access to your frequently needed files, and cold storage for photos, movies, and large documents that you don't regularly need.

Most storage providers want to hide in your credit card statement, charging you every month until your credit card expires.

Instead, you can now get lifetime access to a full two terabytes of storage for only $50, or about half the price of an Apple dongle.

Buy less dongles. Protect your family photos and cat GIFs. 👀
2TB of Cloud Storage 🔒

Last month, we covered a new wave of Beanie Baby-esque collectibles that live on the blockchain.

Yesterday, CryptoKitties announced a $12M round from Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures. They sell cats on the blockchain. One sold for over $100,000.

The next generation of crypto collectibles is coming:

🌷 Design and trade tulips on the blockchain. Powered by the same browser-based software as CryptoKitties, you can now breed your own unique digital tulips on the Ethereum blockchain. Tastefully ironic.

🐶 Breedable dogs on the blockchain. Chinese tech giant Baidu launched CryptoDoggies, a near copy of the adorable CryptoKitties.

📸 Famous celebrities on the blockchain. Elon Musk, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, and Vitalik Buterin are all available for sale... well, sort of. Crypto trading cards of your favorite celebs are here.

Not sure how blockchains work? Here's a beautiful visual demonstration of the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. ⛓️📦