Buy celebrities on the blockchain

CryptoCelebrity allows you to buy and sell celebrity smart contracts, powered by Ethereum. There is only one smart contract per celebrity – once you own it, you’re the only one in the world who has it.

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We should use this for political fundraising in the US. Donors could purchase their favorite politicians and then we could all see who owns them in the shared ledger. ;)
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Here's the latest crypto-collectible following the success of CryptoKitties. The concept is very similar to Stolen, an app that went viral before receiving a letter from Katherine Clark, U.S. representative Massachusetts's 5th congressional district. The team decided to take the app down shortly after. Unlike Stolen, CryptoCelebrity is built on the blockchain, and not dependent on (centralized) Apple.
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@rrhoover Do you think there's any IP issues here with CryptoCelebrity?
Yesterday- Companies were listed in the stock-exchange. Today - People are listed in crypto-exchanges. Love where the future is heading.
Making money with celebrity faces and names. Let's see how long is it gonna take before they start seeing a nice wave of lawsuits coming through
@sliver86 Someone just took my Drake and made me $$
How are celebrities reached out for verification? Reminds me of Omaze built with blockchain.