Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 6th, 2020

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TestFlights are cool again.

Or at least that’s the feeling we and many others are having rn as a new wave of creative consumer apps emerge. It feels like 2013.

We’re increasingly seeing more buzz around TestFlight apps in the wider community, but it’s not always clear how to get an invite, so we decided to build a thing.

Sign up to receive a new unreleased app every Friday by texting (415) 481-3148. If you have an unreleased TestFlight app you'd like to submit, send it here.

Note: As with all early experiments, this launch itself isn't perfect and we recognize many of our friends in the community won't have access on day one. To reduce scope we're limiting this MVP to iOS apps to start with. We're also unable to text outside the US or Canada as our text provider lacks international support for now. We'll expand based on the demand and learnings over the coming weeks. Feedback and ideas are very welcome! :)
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OffLimits is a cereal & culture brand built around emotionally unstable, counterculture cartoon characters.

These breakfast cereals not only look pretty cool, but will either turn your milk into cold brew coffee or add adaptogens to help chill you out, giving you a two-in-one start to the day.