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June 23rd, 2020

Facebook’s new tool to predict the future

Who will win the next election? Will there be a second COVID-19 spike? Is there going to be another season of Tiger King?

Facebook (?!🤨!?) has the answers. Or more accurately, a select group of beta testers using their latest product, Forecast, will try to predict the answers. According to Maker, Taylor Hughes:

“Forecast is an attempt to create structured spaces around specific forward-looking questions, where everyday experts can shine and share what they know with the world.”

To become a predictor, sign up via the Facebook group to request access. They’re looking for health, academic and research professionals from the US and Canada to start. Interestingly for a Facebook product, they suggest following their Twitter profile will keep you updated.

If you’d rather make some money from your forecasts, 2019 Golden Kitty winner, Predicto will pay you for accurate predictions (powered by the blockchain, of course).

A number of other prediction tools launched on Product Hunt over the years include Predictive World, I Was Right FYI and Predibly. When looking back to see if past predictions came true, we discovered that these products are sadly no longer online. But as far as we can see, no one accurately predicted how 2020 would turn out. 🤪

Who knows how long Forecast will last; we’ve not been accepted into the group yet so don’t trust our uninitiated predictions. We’re cautiously hopeful for this one’s longevity though.

Can you predict the future?
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