Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 6th, 2018

Elon’s biggest launch yet (literally) πŸš€

Yesterday, as the world watched, an entire generation of space admirers discovered the future.

SpaceX successfully launched the most powerful rocket in the world, the result of hundreds of thousands of engineering hours. Synchronized aerial acrobatics amazed as two, 350-foot rockets landed perfectly in sync.

The payload? Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster, which blasted David Bowie’s β€œLife on Mars?” into space, hurling toward Mars. And yes, the GIF is real.

Elon's been busy, launching autonomous semi-trucks, boring hats for his Boring Company, and controversial flamethrowers. πŸ”₯

The Falcon Heavy is actually a precursor to SpaceX's BFR, an absolutely massive rocket built to bring an entire city of colonists to Mars. πŸ‘€

In honor of SpaceX's accomplishments, try landing your very own Falcon 9 rocket with this deliciously retro video game. It's surprisingly addictive.

land a ROCKET πŸš€

Watch out Facebook πŸ‘€

Telegram just launched an official login widget for any website, only weeks before their $1 billion+ token sale is opened to the public.

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