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Official Telegram authentication for websites 🚀

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2018

Telegram Login Widget for external websites is here. When you use Telegram login for the first time, the widget asks for your phone number and sends you a confirmation message via Telegram to authorize your browser. Once this is done, you get a two-click login on every website that supports signing in with Telegram.

Alex Heeton
Enrike Nur
Jithin sha
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    Seems like a useful feature to me



    I can't wait for websites to actually implement and use this.

    Marc has used this product for one week.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Telegram, last year's Golden Kitty Award winner, is making moves introducing its own "Facebook Connect/Login" button. Eager to see how this platform matures. Side note: I recently started experimenting with Telegram channels. You can join here if interested.
Arun Sathiya
Arun SathiyaHunter@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
@rrhoover Love the name! 😀
Hyun Lee
Hyun Lee@hyunlee
@rrhoover Also a bot update for better customer support!
Wojtek Witkowski
Wojtek WitkowskiPro@pugson · Building digital products.
Wow, this is great! And perfect timing too. I was just developing an app that uses Telegram. Thanks @durov & Telegram team 👏
Arun Sathiya
Arun SathiyaHunter@arunsathiya · Happiness Engineer, Automattic
You can try Telegram login right on this page. 🔥
Mo Rajabifard
Mo Rajabifard@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
OMG! I was waiting for this for a long time :) I saw many creating their own version with custom (probably unsafe) bots
Sven van der Zee
Sven van der Zee@svenvdz · Founder PlayStudio apps
Amazing feature! I've already seen some developers make their own login scripts using Telegram.