Boring Company Flame Thrower will be a new product sold by The Boring Company as a result of selling 50,000 hats.

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Password was "flamethrower" but no longer working. If anyone hears or figures out the new one, post it!
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Way better than Weyland-Yutani one's


Made killing of xenomorphs easier, 10/10 Hellen Ripley recommends



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You sir made my day ahahah
100 plus upvotes for a page with a password field and nobody knows the password. Awesome. Update: Password has been removed.
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It's the old razorblade / ink cartridge trick: sell the flamethrower at a discount, but charge a fortune for your fire fuel. Unless the thing just runs on hot air...
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Compelling post to say the least


Dope youtube videos to come


Many lawsuits to come

Here's your sign: