Bride Brite

Achieve wedding white teeth. 10 minutes a day for 10 days!

Bride Brite uses dual-light technology inside of a comfortable mouthpiece to unlock your most dazzling smile. Designed by an Ivy League trained dentist, this at-home kit targets tough stains to whiten deeply while using red LED light to reduce sensitivity.
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Love the story, @ericahal. Does Bride Bite trigger any tooth sensitivities? I've used whitening strips and after the 3rd day my teeth start to ache.
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@ericahal @rrhoover From one Ryan to another Ryan, thank you so much for the support! Unlike whitening strips, our whitening serum contains desensitizing ingredients to help prevent any sensitivity issues. However, it is always possible for someone to have sensitivity when whitening their teeth. That is why we also include an additional desensitizing only pen that can be applied for those who may be more likely to experience sensitivity. With both these combined, it is very unlikely you will have sensitivity issues with Bride Brite. Hope this information helps and please let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you so much again for your support!
@rrhoover WOW! Thank you so much for commenting on this post. You just made my would-be-wedding day to LAUNCH day that much sweeter. I will tell you that @ryanchaliff did extensive research to create the best formula for Bride Brite! This product was created because, I too, experienced such sensitivity from whitening strips. I've used Bride Brite consistently and have had NO SENSITIVITY with such incredible results! I'm proud of this product and am excited to share it with all of the hunters! Thanks again, Ryan, for your support! Please let me know if you need anything at all.
Hi Hunters 👋, I'm Erica, founder of Bride Brite. Today was my original wedding date. Like many other brides, our wedding was affected due to COVID-19. We turned our original wedding date into our business launch date! ​ As soon as I got engaged, I found the right hair regimen, workout program, nutrition guide, and so much more. The list goes on and on. One thing I could not find was the perfect teeth whitening program. I was looking for an easy, quick, effective, and affordable way to have Wedding White Teeth for our special day. I knew that I was not alone. ​ I challenged Ryan (my fiancé/expert on all things dental) to create the perfect solution for achieving Wedding White Teeth. He researched and discussed various formulations with the world's leading experts on teeth whitening. Out of this research, the Bride Brite Wedding White Teeth program was born. ​ Bride Brite is the simple and safe solution to Wedding White Teeth. Teeth whitening at a dentist's office typically costs $500 or more and can be painful. With our program, you can have professional quality, sensitivity-free teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost. Bride Brite will give you the same results in as little as ten minutes a day in just ten days! ​ Bride Brite is not just for brides, and we invite all who wish to have that bright smile. Whether you are weeks away from your wedding, college formal, graduation, birthday, vacation or any big event (or even if you just want whiter teeth for your zoom call), Bride Brite is for you. We will be offering an exclusive discount to Product Hunt users. Use code PRODUCTHUNT40 for an extra 40% off at the store! Any feedback and suggestions is highly appreciated. Thank you Hunters for checking us out!
I have been seeing a lot of ads about some teeth products that people put on their Shopify stores and advertise heavily on Facebook and Instagram. Bride Brite can be game-changing. Also, love the story @ericahal. Kudos!
@deepanshupal Thank you so much for your support! We are so excited about our product. Besides sharing #weddingwhiteteeth with all, my goal (especially now during this timing) is to create a sense of community and bring smiles to anyone who has been affected during this global pandemic. We are not alone and we will all get through this time together!
@ericahal, Congrats on turning your would be wedding day into launch day! You really made the best out of a frustrating situation.
@larry_arlene2 Thank you so much!! Life gave us lemons, we made lemonade and #WeddingWhiteTeeth! So many brides, college graduates, and people are going through the same situation and we want everyone to know that they are not alone.
Interesting, but how does this compare to does this compare teeth whitening options like strips, Charcoal, Etc?
@matthewjessie Hi Matthew! Another great question. Charcoal is extremely abrasive for your enamel which can weaken the strength of your teeth and cause more problems like sensitivity down the road. Strips can be very tedious to apply and can cause sensitivity as they lack the desensitizing ingredients that are in Bride Brite. Additionally, the whitening process with strips takes longer and does not come with the accelerator/sensitivity reducing LED mouthpiece.