Another Lens

A research tool for conscientious creatives by Airbnb

Designed by Airbnb and News Deeply, Another Lens is a research tool for conscientious creatives, posing a set of questions to help you balance your bias, consider the opposite, and embrace a growth mindset.

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Better description is definitely needed. What is a “conscientious creative”? It sounds like an oxymoron. Being backed by Airbnb helps. I mean... Didn’t you guys learn from Pied Piper? If you need a consumer study to explain that the product is. Something needs to change. ✋
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@dredurr this was made by the Airbnb User Research team & News Deeply so I don't have any inside knowledge of the branding. BUT, if I was to guess (from reading the articles/product intro) - they've deliberately made it vague so people can self-identify. Everyone is creative in their work - and conscientiousness is something will identify with individually. At a guess 🙄
@jason_crabtree_ A product that’s purposely vague... I don’t get it 😐. I give up! If you cannot clearly deliver the message to a first time user in 8 seconds. Then you have lost not only that user but whoever that user has told about the crappy experience as well. Not Dope 👎to leave users in Limbo. I’m hoping someone from the @airbnb team can jump in on this. Awesome Hunt Jason. Nothing against you at all 🤗
I didn't get why this is in the top of PH today?
@dainiskanopa Cause it's from Airbnb
Another Lens is an open source design tool created by Airbnb and News Deeply, a journalism startup. I love the authenticity of the tool and believe resources like this are essential for anyone building products for other people.
This is amazing. I saw this first in Designer Hangout about 2 months ago. Thank you for making this.