Product Hunt Weekly Digest
March 22nd, 2020

NEW from Slack + Apple

Well, this was well-timed. Slack released its biggest redesign last week, making improvements that specifically target those new to Slack given the recent change to mass remote work.

For Slack veterans, you’ll find new navigation, a new compose button, custom sidebar sections, a new shortcut button for apps and new themes are coming soon. Overall, the stripped-down redesign aims to be more customized and simplified, addressing the less intuitive ways the messaging app works for Slack neophytes. 💬

“These changes address a basic challenge that has grown naturally with Slack: with size comes complexity. As different product teams added new capabilities piecemeal, Slack started to feel not intuitive for people trying it out for the first time,” the Slack team wrote in a blog post.

We’ll see if the new Slack design appeals to a wider range of business users, given that more and more industries have made the recent shift to a distributed workforce.

Speaking of new releases, Apple just unveiled its new iPad Pro. The iPad resembles a laptop more than a tablet; it comes with a new “magic keyboard” Check it out here. 💻

The new Slack

A nifty tool that matches people with spare N95 masks with healthcare workers who need them. Donate your masks! 😷

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