Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 1st, 2020

The library of Instagram

A few months ago, Maker Abhinav Chhikara noticed a trend on Instagram and LinkedIn where creators were sharing “micro-blogs” through carousel posts.

“Some of my favorite designers had started sharing their learning process on Instagram, and I was finding tremendous value in it,” - Abhinav wrote on Product Hunt.

However, it then became hard for Abhinav to refer back to these posts that were giving him creative fuel. Enter: 👀 is an Instagram library of sorts; it combines these education-oriented posts on social media into bite-sized learnings around product design, UX, marketing and branding, among other things. This is particularly useful for self-taught designers, marketers and creators who are unsure about which online courses would be the most valuable to them. 📚

“One of the problems self-taught designers, marketers and creators face is that online courses are useful only if you know exactly what you need to learn and want to explore in depth. But while starting out, often you don't know how vast the topic is. With my interviews with early users, I've found a lot of them using Booklets to explore the breadth of an industry before they decide to start learning.” - Abhinav

What do you think of bite-sized learning? Share your thoughts here.

Some early thoughts from the PH community:

“This is hands down the best thing I have seen in this month. So valuable! I probably have hundreds of screenshots on my phone from those IG micro-blogs and they will probably be lost and forgotten soon.“ - Dominik

“Love the design and format. This kind of synopsis could help me decide if I should read something.“ - Ramnath

“I'm thinking about getting into UX more seriously, and this seems like an amazing resource I can use to start learning“ - Vjeko

This message will self destruct in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..🔥

Just kidding. If you did need to send a, 'for-your-eyes-only' message, you can use this tool. 👀
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