Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 22nd, 2020

Twitter: How much $ do you make?

Last week, engineers across the world took to Twitter in the name of salary transparency, sharing how much money they make annually with the hashtag #KnowYourWorth. 👀

The trend seems to have started with Slack developer Zac Sweers, who shared his education, years of professional experience, title, location, and compensation (including equity) like this:

As hundreds of engineers followed suit, there were very mixed reactions. Some people felt empowered, while others were disheartened by the hefty salaries that tech workers make at big tech companies in San Francisco and New York. But for underrepresented groups, this brief Twitter movement may have worked the way Sweers intended it to.

“I’ve seen an outpouring of gratitude, particularly from women, for folks sharing,” he wrote on Twitter. “Even in cases where they have reservations about the approach of efficacy, there’s an appreciation that those sharing are trying to be an ally.”

A resource called Know Your Worth then launched on Product Hunt to aggregate all of the data collected from the Twitter experiment. You can search salaries by country and city, and even see how much remote engineers make.

For more salary resources, check out LinkedIn Salary, Founder Salary Calculator and SalaryOrEquity. 💸

Know Your Worth

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