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Hrmmm, no results for CEO salaries. Tools like this are super useful but can be misleading. They don't accurately report benefits, equity packages, and other value implicit or explicitly given by the employer. This is genius lead gen for their recruiting business. 😊
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@rrhoover thanks for the feedback. We're just getting started and due to member privacy considerations, we need at least 5 submissions to show data for a role. Hope to have enough CEO salaries soon. :) We include both base salary and additional compensation like stock, bonus, etc., and we're working on adding other features like benefits. The product was created to increase salary transparency and help members make better career decisions, and wasn't built for recruiting. More info on privacy and security in our Engineering blog - http://lnkd.in/salaryengineering/
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@rrhoover I was thinking the same thing. I'm in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and I have to widen my search to the Greater NYC (definitely *not* the same market) area due to lack of available data. Sharing my salary might help, but that might mean *more* emails from LinkedIn haha
@rrhoover Also, sample size is often incredibly small. 25 salaries is not enough to make any true conclusions.
@sandlerryan @rrhoover hope to see the improved version soon
@sandlerryan salaries differ based on the stage of the company, pre rev/startup vs small biz, corp, etc. Anything on the roadmap to accommodate for this and break out these categories?
Mh, I am getting a 404 "Page Not Found". Do I have to be Premium or something like that?
@akdm_ strange. It's working fine for me but I'm in the U.S. Maybe it's region locked?
@rrhoover Yeah maybe it's region locked. I am in France.
@akdm_ I also get a 404. I don't have a LinkedIn account – does it only work if signed in?
@akdm_ Ryan here, PM for LinkedIn Salary. We are just launched in English-speaking countries right now, but will be rolling out to other countries soon!
Aren't there zillions of tools like this? I'd like to see one that supports "remote" location.
@sandlerryan I support the remote option as well. There are more remote workers than workers in many large cities.
@tehsuck Yep! I can't check out U.S. companies because I am in Brazil 😓
Interesting timing with Glassdoor pushing their new "Know your worth" tool. https://www.glassdoor.com/Salari... Fun to see all these types of features get released as the data becomes more reliable. If you're interested in seeing salary data that isn't self-reported, in the US, all H1B Visa'd employee salaries are public via the Department of Labor http://h1bdata.info
@_tyoung yes it is very interesting that LinkedIn decided to compete in this area. I can see how it's a nice 'add on' while searching for jobs in LI, but do not think they can surpass glassdoor as being a 'source of truth'. GD has just been at it for such a long time and are more focused on 'getting it right'. H1B data is interesting because it is public, but likely has its own skew.
True. I kinda assume that companies fudge titles/numbers sometimes so that a visa will be approved - but I think it's probably mostly accurate. Especially because it seems pretty consistent with other self reported data from places like Gd.
This looks interesting @sandlerryan what's the benefit of using this over Glassdoor or Comprably?
Hey @j_r_wi11iams. A few of the many reasons... (1) Tying salaries (anonymously) to structured data from verified LinkedIn profiles allows us to produce new and unique insights (e.g., how salary changes by degree, major, skills, etc.). (2) we have built machine learning and data mining techniques to make sure data remains accurate and reliable. (3) knowing how quickly labor markets change, we make sure our data is fresh and we only show data collected within past 12 months. You can find more details re: our methodologies at lnkd.in/salaryengineering.