The Butt Case

The most ergonomic phone case ever designed

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Thanks Niv..I've spent much of my life as a painter of the human form. Painting for me is very much about touch- inhaling things through my eyes and exhaling thru my fingers on the canvas. I invented the original HandL product not only as a more fluid and versatile interface between hand and phone like a paintbrush, but to deepen the experience on how we touch tech. HandL Maximus, aka The Butt Case is a few things to me: a tactile work of art- an homage to this part of the body, an artistic/philosophical juxtaposition of a touchable human body part against our digitally represented world- and an attempt to create the most ergonomic phone case possible.
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I had the pleasure of meeting Allen last week in his NYC Art Studio (which some of you may have seen on the ProductHuntTeam snap). Allen has painted the likes of Bill Clinton and multiple TIME covers, was the subject of a recent NY Times documentary (watch the first 10 minutes:, and is the creator of the popular HandL case, and his latest creation is... The Butt Case. Will let Allen talk about where the idea came about, it was fascinating to see early concepts and hear about all the work it took to find just the right material. TL;DR Our sense of Touch is one of the most fundamental forms of communication and building relationships. We have a special relationship with our phones, they run our lives, we pick them up multiple times a day... This case is designed to form a more meaningful experience when we reach for the device. And yes, it really does feel like a butt. ----- Taken via butt case Update: Use PHMeow for $20 off (thanks Allen for adding a discount code) Today's newsletter is about the Butt Case:
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Your next model might need to be slightly more explicit, but I guarantee you Donald Trump would buy and grab the hell out of it. #tremendous #thisisbigly
@bsradcliffe we allow all celebrities to grab our cases...

how could it be done for an iPhone?




very ugly