Brendan Hersh
Brendan Hersh reviewedCarrdSimple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

• Simplest & easiest website builder I've ever used

• Huge range of customization available for every element

• Plans w/ domain only $19/y


• I'd love to see custom font support

• It would be nice to be able to put text over image blocks or behind columns

Carrd is the most amazing web building platform I've seen to date- and trust me, I've tried everything. You start off with a blank page, or choose from expertly-designed templates, then you can build your own site with content LEGOs: drag text under an image, make a row of links across the top, or even add some of your own code.

When you discover control bars that let you break your site into pages, though, it's when everything changes: Carrd goes from letting you create business-card like pages to making full-blown websites for anything- home base for your app with dedicated support and contact pages, a sign-up form for an event that plugs names and comments into a Google sheet, ANYTHING (how do I make extra bold?)

Carrd is now my go-to tool for anything web-building related. I made a website for a friend and even made a few bucks off it. I'm also teaching an HTML class for my homeschool support group and there will be a whole lesson on Carrd!

I just want to say thanks to @ajlkn for my favorite website for websites, ever.

aj@ajlkn · Maker of stuff.
PS: No custom font support yet, but text-over-image = now supported!
Avishai Moscovich
Avishai Moscovich@avishai_moscovich
What is the difference between Carrd and instapages?