Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 24th, 2017

RIP Instagram.
Kids today will never know the thrill of dropping off a fresh camera roll at the local CVS and waiting 3 gut wrenching days to find out if your selfies turned out okay.

We now have the technology to experience the '90s in the present with an innovative new app is called Gudak Cam. Look through the peep hole, take a bunch of photos (24 to be exact), and wait 3 days until you can see them (while they'e being 'developed').

Brendon from Anchor says:

"I find that having a limited amount of photos I can take in a "roll" makes me more selective about the moments I intend to capture, and waiting multiple days to see them means I don't spend time in my Photos app checking."

The app has almost entirely 5 star reviews in the App Store and the photos come out looking pretty cool as well (see examples). Share your photos early next week after your first roll is developed. 😜
Experience The '90s Today 📷
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