Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 7th, 2017

Audio sharing on Instagram! 😲🔊
⚓️, the emoji-named startup that came onto the scene in 2016 just introduced their biggest update yet. Anchor Videos is a new tool that magically transforms audio files to video, transcribing content into easy-to-follow (highly shareable) text you can listen to (on mute).🔑

Why this is needed: most major social platforms aren’t built for audio-consumption. Sharing a URL to an hour-long podcast on Facebook will rarely convert to direct listeners in the moment. On the other hand, autoplaying videos with mute-friendly captions are #killinit and an effective way to grab peoples’ attention.

Anchor's new tool lets you trim audio clips so you can share a 🔥 minute from an insightful podcast, transcribed with captions. Here’s an example. Pretty slick.
Anchor Videos 🎥
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