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Prasanna Pegu
Prasanna PeguLearning to learn.

What is your favourite everyday fitness app?

I'd love to take a few fitness app recommendations from the community. They can be anything ranging from apps that helps you with your daily meditation, running or other physical work-outs. For instance, I use Nike+ RunClub to track my daily runs. Waiting for your recommendations!
22 recommended
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    Free Calorie Counter , diet and excercise journal.

    John Ababseh
    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast Β· Written
    I use it more like a thorough exercise journal, that holds me accountable for my foods I intake.
    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale Β· Written
    +1. This is one of my most used apps. Have logged everything I eat for over a year now. Best I've tried for logging. If you're interested in trying it - I also recommend talking to a nutritionist/nutrition coach. Someone who can get you started on what the right amounts of food are. Nutrition is very personal. The app does make suggestions on what the "right amount" to eat is. But that's not what it's best at. I think it's better to let someone else decide and then use MFP only for logging.
    Best I've tried for logging too. As Mike says, recommendations might not work for you, so it's better to already know what and how much you should eat and then track it with Myfitnesspal. They have an impressive database, I'm from Switzerland and I find a lot of products which are only available in Swiss stores.
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    High intensity workouts & training plans

    Great exercises, excelent results! You are always motivated.
  3. 17
    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    I'm looking at Evolve. I cannot wait for their Android launch! They demoed the best product with voice recognition on the Planet of the Apps episode.
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    Keep track of your ride & run

    Dave Anders-Richards
    Dave Anders-RichardsBuilding Oscar Health - LA! Β· Written
    Truly the best running app I've ever used. Incredibly practical interface (clean with big buttons while running, vs. MyFitnessPal's disaster of a UI/UX), and you can plan routes according to "heat maps" of other runners (really useful if you're in a new area)
    Oras Al-Kubaisi
    Oras Al-KubaisiFounder @ JobDescription.ai Β· Written
    And fantastic for cycling as well, its my fav cycling app
  5. 8

    A beautiful HIIT workout app for people on the go

    Colum Coyle
    Colum CoyleGraphic Designer Β· Written
    awesome, simple app that looks and feels great, indy and engaged dev
  6. 8

    A fitness app for people who hate fitness

    Stephanie Gonzaga
    Stephanie GonzagaContent + Customer Happiness Advocate Β· Written
    I absolutely love 8fit for its flexibility and easy visual cues. I started using it last June and am now close to losing 10 pounds thanks to weekly workouts + healthy recipes they recommend. The app lets you create a fitness plan, and then suggests programs for you based on your goals. You can do the regular workouts + yoga. On top of that, there are a wide range of recipes you can make for the day's 3 main meals plus snacks and post-workout munchies.
  7. 8
    Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

    Self-lacing running shoes

    I've used this app since May and wish I had found it earlier. It currently has 156 workouts to choose from, ranging from 5 to 47 minutes in length. It also breaks them down into strength, endurance and mobility categories. I like that each exercise has an accompanying video that shows you how to perform it. You can also set up a plan that will recommend workouts for you over a set number of weeks. I definitely recommend you check it out.
    It's awesome and pretty.
    Nice app ;)
  8. 5
    New York Times

    Sleeker. Faster. More intuitive. (new design)

    Time is precious and I'm not always able to go to the gym due to distance and busy days. This app allows me to get a lot of work in through different sets of exercises within high intensity intervals all under 7 minutes. I can use it everywhere and no need for equipment. You're also able to set the intensity and really break a serious sweat.
  9. 4

    Personalized Strength-Training powered by Machine Learning

    Hussein Yahfoufi
    Hussein YahfoufiCo-founder πŸ‘‰ MoneyMinx.com Β· Written
    For gym (weightlifting) workouts, nothing beats FitBod!
  10. 3

    Fitness app - previously on the iPad only, now on iPhones

    MarkusCo-Founder of iNZDR Β· Written
    Award winning Fitstar for personal fitness. Highly motivating and extremely well done. You won't be disappointed.
    Although it should be free when owning a Fitbit device.
  11. 2
    CARROT Fit

    A judgemental weight tracker

    Saadoun Alerris
    Saadoun AlerrisSoftware Engineer Β· Written
    It makes working out a little more fun.
  12. 2
    AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. Β· Written
    Range of motion is one of those things that people tend to forget about but which is extremely important. This app helps you to be both swole and flexy πŸ˜„
    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale Β· Written
    +1 very important for all of us with sedentary desk jobs. An hour in the gym doesn't reverse sitting at a desk all day.
  13. 2
    Lift Log
    Jake Mor
    Jake MorCode, Design & Marketing Β· Written
    Jake Mor made this product
    Shameless plug ;) I made Lift Log a few years ago because I couldn't find an app to log my exercises quicker than pen & paper. I just updated the app and i've been getting really good feedback. I just hit 25k installs and DAU are up 25%. Give it a shot! Would love to hear your thoughts.
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    Your own personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. Free.

    Kyle W. Ludwig
    Kyle W. LudwigCo-founder, Looma 🍐 · Written
    Using it will speak for itself
  15. 2

    Activity tracking without gadgets

    Venkata Pracash Gidugu
    Venkata Pracash GiduguPrincipal UX Designer @ Pycker Β· Written
    Simple, just install the app and it takes care of rest - Steps, Travel Time, Places Visit. I am loving it.
  16. 2

    5 minute "body weight" video workouts you can do anywhere

    Juan Carlos Haro
    Juan Carlos HaroIf you can’t convince them, confuse them Β· Written
    This is the best one for 15/20 minutes daily routine, I have been using it for a couple of months with good results
  17. 1

    Your ideal health & fitness partner

    - The UX and the UI are great ; - Includes warm-up AND stretching exercises ; - Includes cardio objectives ; - I've paid for a premium account (I've never paid for any fitness app before) and I'm quite satisfied with the diversity of the exercices.; - You can adapt the level of the exercices depending if you're in a good shape or not ; - You can choose how many workouts per week you want That's it for me !
  18. 1
    Optimize Fitness App

    Infinite workouts customized for you by machine learning

    Joe L
    Joe LCEO Optimize Fitness Β· Written
    Joe L made this product
    Advanced machine learning algorithm learns as you train to provide recommended time, repetitions, and weight for every exercise Personalized workouts are based on your genetics, ability, available equipment and past workouts. Instantly generate effective workouts every day in line with your plan, whether you are at the gym or at home with no equipment Log past workouts quickly to track your weights, reps, sets and time. Track the progress of your power, stamina and endurance for each muscle using advanced 3D models. Easily save new workouts for later and redo your favorite past workouts. View your progress over time for workouts and individual exercises. Build your own workouts from scratch with ~1000 exercises. Learn optimal form and technique from detailed exercise descriptions and videos Automatically upload activity such as heart rate and calories burned to Apple’s Health app. Use Siri to quickly launch personalized workouts. Track body measurements crucial to your goal such as body weight, BMI, chest measurements and more! Daily fitness articles and videos in a personalized news feed Connect with friends to share workouts and help motivate each other. Compete against yourself and your friends with new workout challenges. Build a workout with friends in the iMessage app by sharing exercises, workouts and stickers. Easily view your queued workout for the day using the Today Widget.
  19. 1
    Track by Nutritionix
    Matt Silverman
    Matt SilvermanCofounder, Nutritionix.com Β· Written
    Matt Silverman made this product
    Our app is 100% free and utilizes natural language to make food, exercise and weight tracking as quick as possible. (disclosure: I work at Nutritionix).
  20. 1
    Fitnetix Sports Tracker - Running & Cycling
    Andrey Angelov
    Andrey AngelovI'm a software developer Β· Written
    Fitnetix turns your phone into a personal fitness tracker in your pocket - ideal for running, cycling, skiing, walking and other sport activities. It has a great built-in route planning feature to help you draw and follow routes quickly and easily. It's absolutely free, no registration required.