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December 2nd, 2019

An app to troll trolls

Deutsche Telekom (aka T-Mobile’s parent company) likes the color magenta. In fact, the company’s lawyers have sent Lemonade, the AI insurance startup, a letter ordering them to stop using the color magenta (which Lemonade uses in their brand and product). 😬

For context, Deutsche Telekom has a trademark on “magenta” and has gone after others (like AT&T, Engadget and aspiring watchmakers on Indiegogo) over the pink shade before (TechCrunch called them “trademark trolls“).

“Sounds like something a Disney villain would do, so you can imagine how c-r-a-z-y it was to discover this is real life.” - Lemonade Software Engineer Itamar Kestenbaum

In retaliation, Itamar decided to make sure the web at large stays Deutsche Telekom compliant. Yesterday, Pink-Out launched to “un-pink” the web against the company.

The Product Hunt community took to the comments to echo the sentiment #Freethepink.

No one have the rights to own a certain color. Not even T-Mobile.” - Yuval

“Love it when people actually take their time to play the game!” - Dominik

“While I don't object to McDonalds owning the trademark to a big yellow M, I really don't want them to be able to block other restaurants from using yellow or red at all. I'm not sure how a company can have the rights to do it. This extension is such a cool way to deliver them this message.” - Christine


Check out Cently, a simple alternative to popular coupon-saving apps like Honey (which was just bought by PayPal for $4B). 💸

“I'm sure one question will ask how this is different than Honey. Well from the product side there are a couple key differences: First, the cashback you earn is actually paid out in cash. With Honey and some others you can only convert your rewards to gift cards. Next, the referral program allows you to earn when your friends (direct referrals) shop, and whenever their friends (secondary referrals) shop. We wanted to add a bit more of a social spin and ensure there is more activity and engagement in the rewards feed.“ - Cently Maker Marc Mezzacca

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