Automatic coupons + cashback for you and your friends

Automatically applies coupons and earns you cash back right at checkout. Referral program allows you to earn whenever your referred friends or their referred friends shop using Cently πŸ‘« πŸ’΅. The cashback is paid out in actual cash (unlike some competitors).
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Hey Product Hunters πŸ‘‹ Definitely excited to be releasing our Cently Rewards program here today, we’ve been working hard on this over the course of the year. Cently is a browser extension for Google Chrome that finds and automatically applies coupon codes at checkout. With the addition of Cently Rewards it now also earns you cash back at hundreds of online stores, and pays you when your friends (and their friends) shop with Cently too. I'm sure one question will ask how this is different than Honey. Well from the product side there are a couple key differences: First, the cashback you earn is actually paid out in cash. With Honey and some others you can only convert your rewards to gift cards. Next, the referral program allows you to earn when your friends (direct referrals) shop, and whenever their friends (secondary referrals) shop. We wanted to add a bit more of a social spin and ensure there is more activity and engagement in the rewards feed. From the business side, we're completely bootstrapped and have been growing the business over the years by reinvesting in it. Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear it!
This product is awesome! The extension continues to find deals on products I didn't even think to look for coupons for :) Thank you, for helping me to save lots and lots of money !!
I love Cently! It is really easy to use and has helped me find great deals and I love that I get real cash back!
Been using Cently for years. Hands-down best app to find *active* coupons. Excited to try cash back! Nice work, guys!
Is it working also for the European market? For example , Spain?
@bernardamus Great question. At this time we only offer cashback to the US market, but do support many sites in UK and Canada for automatic coupons. As for EU and Spain specifically, sorry but not at this time!