Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 17th, 2017

Google Glass is back!! 🤓
Google Glass is back! And it found a home in a more useful place: the enterprise. It turns out that having a lightweight, hands-free wearable has benefits beyond pop culture memes and glasshole kitty swag.

We’ve waited a long time to augment our vision like the Holodeck in Star Trek, but it’s getting close. Keep your eye on the Microsoft Hololens, secretive Magic Leap (interestingly, backed by Google), and Snap’s next evolution of Spectacles. 🕶

In the meantime, browse Made with (Apple) ARkit to see the future, only a few months away. ✨
New Google Glass 👓
Google just launched a recruiting platform! Hire is a new service that helps businesses more effectively manage their internal recruiting process. Check it out.