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Google Glass is officially back
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@nivo0o0 did you make this with something?
@nivo0o0 please link me to a product that can make these Trump memes!
@arunsathiya Donald Draws Executive Doodle by Justin Ehlert - link won't work but search that in App Store. Happy memeing
@nivo0o0 Glasshole Kitty, no longer retro?
I got a chance to chat with @Scobleizer last week about AR/VR and see his presentation at Startupfest in Canada. The tech is advancing quickly and we may see real-world applications at mass in the enterprise (like this) and for consumers faster than expected. I'm particularly excited to see what Snap does with v2 of Spectacles. It makes sense for Alphabet X, Google's "moonshot" division, to build and market Glass to this audience.
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@scobleizer @rrhoover Hi, 'm currently working for a company (practia.global) that is developing innovative solutions done with hi-tech for the industrial sector (Oil&gas, pharma, telcos, etc). Do you know someone can I contact in order to be part of their ecosystem? I've already reach DAQRI's people, but the product is quite expensive with a low track record.
AR tech is absolutely perfect for enterprise drone deploymentsespecially in industries like construction. You can easily sync drone data (like volumetrics on a construction site) to the cloud and then pull down that info via API, direct to your glasses. Imagine the construction superintendent of the near-future wearing these on the site, glancing at a stockpile, and instantly getting the morning's drone-acquired volume calculation and change vs. the previous measurement, overlaid on top of it in AR. Then there's geolocated voice-tagging for submitting RFIs and eventually capturing imagery from the cameras on these things that every single worker wears on the construction site at set intervals (every 30-seconds) and uploading all of that data to the cloud to process a complete, inside-out, 360 degree 3D model of the entire site with photogrammetry. Every. Single. Day. Not just construction, but the enterprise as a whole stands to benefit massively from this tech. Amped to see the return of Glass.
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I wish they'd try their hand at the consumer market again. All the resistance they encountered in 2012-2014 is gone by now. This product was way ahead of its time.
@rubencodes I reckon the consumer market will want to wait for real, full-blown AR glasses that look like a pair of Ray-Bans or Serengetis. A HUD on your face is still of too little use to overcome the cyborg aversion thing.
This smart move. Bypass the biggest adoption. Nobody is trying to make fashion statements when they're jsut trying to do their job. (Especially when your boss is requiring it!)
*adoption hurdle