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You will die in X weeks

There’s nothing quite like a reminder of your mortality to start the week.

ICYMI:  You Will Die in X Weeks just launched on Product Hunt to help you interactively visualize how many weeks you have left to live. 💀

Maker Shah Galeeb Ahmed says he hopes this “scares people into not wasting time.”

“I had a similar graphic on my personal site that counted down the weeks left in my life, and lots of people found it either awesome or scary. So I thought I'd let others build their own.” - Shah

Other comments illuminated that these types of products typically get two types of responses; some people enjoy this strange form of motivation and others hate visualizing their life passing by. Which one are you? 🤔

If you fall in the former group, you can try out Population Project to see how much of the world’s population is younger and older than you. You’re getting old is another fun (or terrifying) tool for a snapshot of world events and statistics around your birth date.

For more constant morbid reminders, try Death Clock, a Chrome extension that reminds you of life’s fleeting nature every time you open a new tab. And of course there’s WeCroak, the app that makes the reality of death inescapable. The app sends you a reminder five times a day at unpredictable intervals, but always with the same message: “Don’t forget, you’re going to die.”

“The idea is, when you contemplate mortality 5 times a day, it's easier to pay attention to what matters, and let go what really doesn't.” - Manasvini

Death Predictor

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