You Will Die in X Weeks

A stark reminder of the finiteness of life

#3 Product of the DayOctober 12, 2019
An interactive visualization of how many weeks you have to live. Realizing that there is a finite, countable number of weeks you have to live is a great way to stop procrastinating!
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my fav in this category is probably
@fascinated Wow! this is really cool, thank you for sharing.
@fascinated Mine too. Timestripe is the only one that does not seem depressing but instead seem uplifting. I feel they are able to send that emotion by shifting the focus away from our expiry date (dreaded deadline) and yet using the finiteness of life to inspire the life within us.
Cool visualization that helps me reflect on how much time I waste every day 😰 I would also like to see my own milestones like when I graduated from college, got my first job, got married, etc
@yashkothari23 Thanks for trying it! I love that idea, I'll add that to the list for the next version.
Hi Product Hunt! Excited to share this interactive visualization builder. I had a similar graphic on my personal site that counted down the weeks left in my life, and lots of people found it either awesome or scary. So I thought I'd let others build their own! Hope this scares some people into not wasting time! Thanks, Shah
Nice one - I also enjoy this strange way of motivating yourself. At some point I have shared an iOS application - `Last Day?` - showing more life stats - Most interesting outcome of that project was, how some people find this kind of stats interesting and others literally hate a concept of picturing passing life.
@malczak Thanks, Matt! Yeah I agree. Definitely a mix of two responses - some people find it scary and some people find it interesting. Thanks for checking it out!
Really cool idea, what’s next with this project? Would you be making this into more of a tool, where users could modify each week/square to record their activities, memories, pictures...? Maybe offer a library of skills that they can select to learn (free/paid). Anyways love this idea looking forward to see it grow.
@dadbeh_s I was initially going to add more milestones, but I like the tool idea you suggested better. Thank you for the input!