Death Clock

A gentle reminder that life is fleeting. Make the most of it

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Connor V.
@connorvo · Product Manager Intern, Zynga
Hey everyone! Inspired by Kevin Kelley and Futurama, I decided to tackle a simple “Death Clock” Chrome Extension for my first ever product launch! Even though the name is morbid, the idea is to just remind us every time we open a new tab that life is fleeting and we should be making the most of it! I’d love to hear any feedback (and ensure it is actuall… See more
Chirag Chopra
@notthatchirag · Founder, Lucid Labs
Just a suggestion - the "left" text in the second line feels off and disconnected. I'd prefer if the second line only consisted of "make the most of it".
Jamie Carter
@jamiecarter7 · User Interface Designer
Has anyone ever reached the end of their death clock before the end of their life clock?
Mike Bracco
@bracco · Product at JibJab
Love this! My fav life hack in this area is putting recurring all day monthly events in google calendar for the death anniversaries of loved ones (or pets). It's a good reminder to keep things in perspective on a recurring monthly basis.
Jordan Gonen
Connor is the man! This is great. How do you make every day count @rrhoover ?