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August 29th, 2019

Wanna buy an island?

Crowdfunding isn’t a new phenomenon — we’ve seen countless examples of people giving up their money to invest in startups, pay for student loans and fund clean energy projects over the years.

What we haven’t seen is using crowdfunding to buy an island — until now.

Let’s Buy an Island is a platform that lets investors buy a piece of a private island currently dubbed “Islandia.” Investors buy in at $3,250 and anyone can become a “citizen” of Islandia for a small donation. Citizenship will buy you insider deals on rent when the island is eventually bought. 🌴

The exact location of the island is tbd at the moment, but Coffee Island in Belize, Malaipo Island in the Philippines, Mannion Island in Ireland, Nangashanti Resort in Southeast Asia and Panama Island in Panama are all in the running.

Let’s Buy an Island was started by an international community of like-minded investors and travelers who wanted to reap the benefits of owning a private island at a fraction of the cost. The group is dedicated to creating a socially responsible, eco-friendly, self-sustaining island that other people can visit.

Maker Jodie Hill jumped into the Product Hunt comments to explain the collective vision, which may include laws against single use plastics. When asked about currency on the island, Jodie mentioned that the group already accepts bitcoin for share purchases. 🤑

“Certainly a benefit to our investors will be that they get to use the island! We will likely ring-fence some of the peak season for paying guests, but investors will be welcome on the island at other times of the year. Depending on demand, a system will be put in place to ensure fair access.” - Jodie

In terms of revenue, there’s already business plans in place for each island.

“We plan to have something basic up and running ASAP so we can generate some revenue immediately (e.g. glamping) with something better to follow.” - Jodie

Would you buy part of an island? Tell us why or why not here.

Buy an island!

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