WeFinance 2.0

Crowdfunded loans at terms set by you, not a bank

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WeFinance did a complete redesign to better reflect what it is, a platform for people — not financial institutions — to lend to people.
I see the concept. I definetively like the website layout and organization. The target audience are the millenials (a big stake market) and their future need to borrow money that will grow with the age. You shift from the micro-loans model of platforms in developing countries to our world. It's ok. I think business model and operations are nearly consolidated in this field. I think the main question is How do you plan to reach you audience, what is your marketing strategy that will help you reach your audience better than the crowded world of fintech competitors?
@nick88msn Baking social into the product by taking cues from crowdfunding platforms is the key marketing strategy. Most fintech platforms / lenders use relatively traditional marketing (Facebook Ads, mailed flyers, conference booths). They use it because it works it's worked for banks of the past and it works for them. The key issue is whether people are comfortable sharing publicly (or even just in their network) that they're crowdfunding a loan to refinance their MBA debt or for tuition to a coding bootcamp. On one hand, we've been socially conditioned to not talk about anything financial. On the other hand, debt isn't always negative. Debt is often used as an instrument for positive change. What if by talking about your debt, you save 1-3% while setting terms that actually work for you (WeFinance allows lenders to pick their own interest rate, length, deferrals, etc.) instead of being told to pay back x, starting y?