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July 3rd, 2024
AI pop stars

Happy Hump Day! In today’s digest, I’m covering a new AI music app that generates tracks from a prompt or your voice. Investors love it, but not so much record labels. But first…

The headlines: 

💰 Telegram now lets users share paid content across channels. 

🤖 Figma has pulled an AI tool after it was criticized for “ripping off Apple.”

🍎 Apple will get an observer role on OpenAI’s board as part of the company’s recent deal.

This AI tool raised $125M to put a music studio in your pocket

When I was a teenager, which feels like a lifetime ago, considering I’m turning 30 this month, I was into making my own music. I had FL Studio, a MIDI keyboard, an electric drum kit, and every plugin imaginable. As you can see, I didn’t make it to the big leagues. 

Music production has come a long way since then. Throughout the last fifteen years or so, the industry has gotten some big updates that have made the process a lot easier, none more so than AI. 

Suno, the AI-powered music app that secured $125 million in funding for its text-to-song method of generating entire tracks, has launched its new iOS app. This puts an AI-powered music studio in the pockets of millions in a bid to, according to the team, “build a future where anyone has the ability to make music.”

The new app ships with the same prompt-based interface. If you want to generate a song, type in a description like “indie pop tune with rock vibes describing a summer road trip.” From there, Suno will immediately get to work crafting your next chart-topper. You can now also use your voice to generate music. Hit the mic button and start singing or talking to inspire the AI. 

Alongside that, it ships with new social features almost akin to Spotify. You can quickly share clips of your song and other people’s songs across social media, browse songs generated by others, and curate different playlists. 

Like a lot of AI, it’s not without controversy. The new app launch comes in the shadow of a lawsuit brought by the likes of Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, which allege Suno and Udio (another song generator) engaged in copyright infringement when it comes to generating music. 


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